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North Outdoor Living and BBQ stock a number of selected bbq related brands, small bbq grills and bbq accessories

that are not available via the online shop.

These include smaller items like hibachi styles grills, portable grill units, custom made stack grills, rubs and sauces, cooking and smoking woods, charcoal, aprons and other essential accessories.


In stocking these selected brands we have tried to represent both smaller independent UK brands and other similar and not widely available brands. For example we stock Spanglish Asadero and The One Company rubs and sauces.

In woods and charcoals we mainly stock British sustainable brands like Stag, Love Logs and Kent Charcoal.

The showroom provides a relaxed open environment where you can drop in for a coffee, come to talk bbq and outdoor cooking or drop in to talk recipes and techniques along with browsing our bbq and cooking book library.


Whilst with us you can also view our range of outdoor kitchens, bbq and open fire cooking equipment

and pick up individual rubs, sauces or the odd bag or two of charcoal whilst you are here.

We look forward too seeing you soon...Bill & Paddy

In the showroom..
Spanglish Asadero

BBQ Rubs

We stock a different range of rubs than most bbq related outlets. we have aimed to have smaller independent British brands and a few independent brands not widely stocked in the UK.

Our current BBQ brands include:

  • The One Food Company - Ben from Norfolk has have recently produced rubs for Big Green Egg and produces some individual and interesting flavours.

  • Tubby Tom's - operated by Tom and his gang in Gloucester. A single batch of BBQ sauce produced in 2014 had led to multiple awards, a listing in Harvey Nichols and an appearance on Sunday Brunch the business has become a fantastic homegrown success. We stock a full range of rubs.

  • The Kebab Club - operated by Yuksel and Elizabeth based in Essex, the couple produce authentic Turkish - Cypriot marinades, rubs blends and sauces.

  • Field Blends - Sam and Ryan based in Sheffield produce a small range of unique and tasty rub blends. One of our absolute favourite small businesses in this area.

  • Spanglish Asadero - our one concessions to stocking a brand from outside the UK in this area. Unique chilli based flavoursome rubs providing a special insight into tastes and spice from Claudia and her team from California.

Love Logs


We currently exclusively stock wood splits and smoking wood from Planet Friendly Firewood under the Love Logs branding.

We are their first bricks and mortar stockist in the UK.

The split logs we stock are specifically sized to be used in our open fire cooking equipment and the wood fired oven brands we sell.

The using woods can be used in all types of bbq's and open fire cooking devices.

We specifically stock the woods to be able to provide this service to visiting customers rather than selling online.

The One Food Company

BBQ Sauces and Glazes

We stock a companion range of sauces and glazes from our BBQ rub brands.


Our current sauce and glaze brands include:

  • The One Food Company - Ben from Norfolk produces some unique sauces with varying levels of chilli and fruit flavours and spice. Alongside his range he also produces and we stock the The Breakfast sauce from MatBlak.

  • Tubby Tom's - based in Gloucester, Tom and the team produces his rubs, salts, sauces, flavoured oils and glazes by hand and has some easy unique recipes. Tom celebrated 10 year in business in 2024 and has positioned the business as one of the most popular in the UK.

  • The Kebab Club - operated by Yuksel and Elizabeth based in Essex, the couple produce authentic Turkish - Cypriot sauces including chilli, hot chilli and the outstanding and very popular garlic sauce. 

BBQ Gloves

Small BBQs and Accessories

North Barbeque stock a small but specific range of smaller grills and bbq accessories which could be considered as companion items or individual purchases when buying other equipment or visiting our showroom.


We currently stock a range of the following items:

  • Blok Customs Grills

  • Leather aprons from Stalwart Crafts

  • Canvas aprons from Blok Customs

  • Custom knives and Kitchen range knives from Blok Knives

  • Heatproof gloves

  • BBQ tools

  • Thermapen One instant read probe and Thermapen Dot BBQ Thermometer

Stag Charcoal


At North Barbeque we stock a range of sustainable British charcoal from local and other established UK producers. We see quality made charcoal from sustainable British sources being the best on the market.


We would always recommend using this type of charcoal in any of our bbqs and outdoor cooking equipment. Charcoal, in our view, is an ingredient to your outdoor cook therefore, the simple thought it is to use the best you can on your food.


We currently stock the following brands:

  • Stag Charcoal made by hand in Cambridgeshire by the very experienced Matt Edmonds.

  • Kent Charcoal, sourced less than 10 miles away from the showroom.

  • Planet Friendly Firewood/Love Logs Charcoal which is produced in Hertfordshire.

HORL2 Oak with Premium sharpness set and Asian knife.jpg

Horl 2 Knife Sharpeners



The HORL®2 sharpener offers maximum versatility to satisfy individual requirements. With interchangeable grinding wheels, a 15° grinding angle for filigree and 20° grinding angle for robust sharpness, it offers more possibilities for sharpening knives. The diamond grinding disc and ceramic honing disc guarantee some impressive results. The newly developed assembly design incorporating ball bearings give it a smooth rolling feel.

Please drop in to see us, view and buy anything from our showroom range of products and accessories...

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