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Charlie Charcoal Oven

Charlie Charcoal Ovens

Meet Charlie. It's a BBQ, a smoker, a charcoal oven and a pizza oven.

Perfect for outdoor kitchens

A totally new way to think about outdoor cooking.

The Charlie Oven is all-in-one charcoal BBQ, pizza oven, smoker, and grill. 

With an aesthetic to make your outdoor space look beautiful, this luxury oven is compact, taking up modest floor space.

Charlie does all the hard work with ease, so you don't have to stress or spend hours manning the barbecue.

Charlie Oven is a game-changing innovation in outdoor cooking. Inspired by charcoal ovens used by professional chefs. It cooks incredible-tasting food in an incredibly fuel-efficient way. Perfect to use all year round. Effortless to use. 

Hand-built in Britain and built to last.


The Luxury Outdoor Oven

Charlie Charcoal Oven

The Chef Maker

It's a BBQ, Pizza Oven, Charcoal Grill and Smoker all-in-one


Outdoor Kitchen

Charlie Outdoor Kitchen Island Unit

Build a whole outdoor kitchen ... without having to build an outdoor kitchen!


Luxury Outdoor Cooking

Cheeky Charlie Tabletop Charcoal Oven


Perfect to fit into your outdoor kitchen design

Perforated Charlie Plancha.png



Charlie Ovens has a range of useful accessories to extend the versatility of the oven

Additional cooking racks

Solid Plancha

Perforated Plancha

Pizza Tray


Professional Performance 

The Charlie Professional Series Oven

Made to meet the busy demands of the professional kitchen, able to cope with very high temperature cooking throughout service, all day, every day.

The professional model is made to a higher specification than the home-use model

Oven Cover_c_.jpg


Protect the oven, protect the chef

We can provide Charlie all weather covers for your oven and branded aprons for the chef

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