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Pinela Manual Louvered Roof

Want to decide for yourself how you want to enjoy the sun and the weather under your

pergola? Now this is possible with the Pinela pergola from Deponti, you can easily tilt

the panels in the roof to a different position. This way you have the control to play with

the light, the shade and the airflow under your roof.

During the summer for example, you have the flexibility to either sit in the sun or take

advantage of the shade. In the winter on the other hand, you will experience the

benefits of the waterproof roof and the protection against all kinds of weather



This allows you to enjoy your terrace during all seasons, all year round.

The Pinela has a durable and sleek design which makes this roof a real addition to

your home. With a remote control, the panels are easy to rotate into a position that

creates the perfect light for you. Because the panels are continuously adjustable up

to 120 degrees, you can even let the panels rotate with the sun.

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