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Ribolla Veranda

Enjoy a covered terrace anywhere

Behind your lawn. By the pond. Or at the pool. With the Ribolla from Deponti you bring the inside out. Anywhere in your garden. 


Outdoor living wherever you want With a veranda you can bring the indoors outside and create a wonderful place directly adjacent to your home. With the Ribolla, however, Deponti presents a veranda that can be placed completely free-standing in your garden. The construction of this roof is completely independent. This means you are not dependent on placement against the wall. You can create a covered terrace at any desired location and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

The highest point of the Ribolla is at the front. As a result, the drain and gutter are nicely concealed at the back. The Ribolla can also be built with flexibility in mind. It comes standard with a closed back wall, one closed side wall (or a side wall with an ultra-clear polycarbonate window) and one side wall with a landing. Of course, other combinations and variants are also possible and the Ribolla can be adapted to suit your requirements.

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