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Professional grade thick cordierite oven stone.  The round shape stone allows maximum airflow around the oven to ensure an even bake.


This pizza stone distributes heat evenly and provides superior heat retention and transfer.


Enjoy delicious home-made pizzas cooked to perfection. Bake bread using the pizza stone too. 


Bake bread and pizzas using the pizza stone.

Unlike pizza ovens, the Charlie Oven bakes pizzas with the door shut.  

The optimum temperature is 350-375°C for baking pizza in the Charlie. Any hotter and the pizza will burn on the bottom! Allow circa 3 minutes to bake pizzas.

For bread follow the temperatures set out in the recipe. Add a bowl of water to the oven to add a touch of steam. This gives a wonderful rise to the bread.


Delivery Options

For orders made alongside a Charlie Oven, the pizza stone will be inserted into the oven.

Orders for pizza stones made without an oven purchase, the order will be shipped via courier as a package.  

Free economy package delivery to mainland GB addresses. Economy delivery usually takes 2-4 days from dispatch. This service doesn't include a specified day or time slot.

Upgrade package delivery to mainland GB to have a specified day and time slot at an extra cost.


Charlie Ovens - Pizza and Baking Stone

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