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Our Chef's Ox with a deep grill bed, adjustable grill height and spark guards and is made with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel.

The Chef's grill is 1080mm x 600mm, with detachable door interchangeable grill beds and spark guard options. Great wheel mechanism to raise and lower the grill bed to enable temperature controlled cooking on wood or coal.

Chef's Ox

  • Grill bed options  Straight bars, Gridiron®, Plancha ,V-grooves
    Base dimensions 1080mm (including width of uprights) x 600 mm (excluding depth of door 25mm & projection of handle 70mm)
    Width including wheel mechanism 1240mm
    Height 750mm to top horizontal bar 825mm to top of handwheel
    Weight c.70kg
    Stainless steel grade 316 marine grade
    Firebrick base resistant to 1200°C
    Adjustable grill height? Yes
    Accessories available Resting shelf, Rotisserie – manual or motorised, Hanging bar, Fish cages, a range of stands.
    Base/positioning requirement Grill must be sited on a suitable heat resistant base - a stainless steel frame stand or brick/stone counter top. A metal counter top is not suitable owing to the heat which emanates from the base. Grill doors require min 30mm clearance beyond the base to allow door opening downwards 180o
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