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BRUGES is made of 3mm strong CorTen steel. This material is weather resistant, which means that the life of the product is considerably longer. The industrial look in combination with the stacked wood makes the BRUGES a stylish, durable and well thought-out wood storage.

Jan Kuppers (Kuppers & Wuytens) based the design of Bruges on the typical Belgian facade construction. Simple production and assembly were central to this. BRUGES consists of 11 metal plates that are easy to slide into each other. The roof is secured by bolts and so the houses stabilize themselves. Ideal right? With approximately 3.5 cubic meters of storage space, you will never run out of wood for cozy terrace moments!


Technical information


  • Material: 3mm CorTen steel
  • Base: 3 modules + intermediate piece (can be expanded with separate modules).
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Volume: +/- 3.5 cubicTechnical drawing Bruges



2 Houses 190H x 250W x 74D cm

3 Houses 190H x 380W x 74D cm

RB73 - Bruges Woodstore

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