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Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ's Designed for You

We offer a range of BBQs and Outdoor cooking equipment with an integrated offering of outdoor kitchens for all fuel sources, gas, charcoal, wood and even induction. Along with specifically designed companion appliances.

Welcome to
NORTH Outdoor Living
and BBQ

Our Brands & Products

In the Showroom...

North Barbeque stock a number of selected bbq related brands, small bbq grills and bbq accessories

that are not available via the online shop.

These include smaller items like knives and knife sharpeners, hibachi styles grills, portable grill units, custom made stack grills, rubs and sauces, cooking and smoking woods, charcoal, aprons and other essential accessories.


In stocking these selected brands we have tried to represent both smaller independent UK brands and other similar and not widely available brands. For example we stock Spanglish Asadero and The One Company rubs and sauces.

In woods and charcoals we mainly stock British sustainable brands like Stag, Love Logs and Kent Charcoal.

The showroom provides a relaxed open environment where you can drop in for a coffee, come to talk bbq and outdoor cooking or drop in to talk recipes and techniques along with browsing our bbq and cooking book library.


Whilst with us you can also view our range of outdoor kitchens, bbq and open fire cooking equipment

and pick up individual rubs, sauces or the odd bag or two of charcoal whilst you are here.

We look forward too seeing you soon...Bill & Paddy

Feed the Fire...

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Outdoor Kitchens

ByLogStrup Outdoor Kitchens

Experience the joy that the ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen brings to your outdoor life.

Our outdoor kitchen becomes a central focal point in your home and is designed to create cosy moments. It's perfect for those who love the outdoors or want to spend more time in nature.

The ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen is not just an ordinary outdoor kitchen - it might just be the ultimate outdoor kitchen you've been looking for. Make the most of your outdoor experiences with our exclusive range of outdoor kitchens from ByLogstrup.

Sold exclusively in the UK by North Barbeque


Outdoor Kitchens

Warrington + Rose

Concrete Modular Outdoor Kitchen

The Warrington + Rose Concrete Modular Outdoor Kitchen range is a new, innovative collection of modular kitchen units.​

Designed for outdoor living these units offer a unique solution for food preparation, outdoor cooking, storage and al fresco dining.

Engineered using a high grade stainless steel frame and finished using advanced reinforced concrete surfaces. The units provide a luxurious durable surface that is heatproof, hygienic and stain resistant.

Unit options currently include worktops, sink units, preparation units with butchers block, inset ceramic bbq units, bespoke Ox Grills open fire grill units, corner units and standalone bar/seated units.


Outdoor Kitchens

Blok Customs 

Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens

The Blok Customs Modular Outdoor Kitchen range is a new, innovative collection of modular and free standing kitchen units representing an industrial look with specific Blok design cues

These units are produced as custom bespoke installations and are available from

North Outdoor Living and BBQ.

Designed for outdoor living these units offer a unique solution for food preparation, outdoor cooking and encapsulate the theatre of open fire cooking.


Outdoor Kitchens

Vlaze Adapt Modular Outdoor Kitchen Units

Vlaze ADAPT is a new, innovative range of modular and free standing kitchen units that can be moved freely from indoors to outside.

Designed for outdoor living these mobile units offer the perfect solution for food preparation, garden storage and al fresco dining.

Engineered from stainless steel and adorned in our vitreous enamel surfaces, a luxurious vibrant glaze that is heatproof, hygienic and stain resistant.

The whole range is available in 5 colours to match or tastefully contrast with all situations.

Outdoor Kitchens

Fògher Outdoor Kitchens and Cooking Appliances

Fògher kitchens and barbecues put themselves at the disposal of experienced chefs and acclaimed restaurants in order to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Top quality raw materials, tradition and modernity are combined with technology and professionalism of Fògher cooking systems to create refined and creative dishes.

Each of these experiences takes place in special locations that, along with the dishes, tell part of the story and culture of our wonderful territory.


Outdoor Ovens

Charlie Charcoal Ovens

Meet Charlie. It's a BBQ, a smoker, a charcoal oven and a pizza oven

Charlie Oven is a game-changing innovation in outdoor cooking. Inspired by charcoal ovens used by professional chefs


 It cooks incredible-tasting food in an incredibly fuel-efficient way. Perfect to use all year round. Effortless to use

Hand-built in Britain and built to last


Outdoor Ovens


Inspired by Italy, and made in Britain our oven combines great design, modern technology with authentic cooking.

  • Inspired by Italian roots, British design and handcrafted in Yorkshire, the DeliVita is made using the finest quality materials and offers maximum performance and minimum fuss.

  • Weighing just 30kg, it’s super versatile and portable. The DeliVita is available in 8 contemporary colours, perfect for the style-conscious foodie and has a no quibble 5-year warranty


OVEN-GREEN (30).jpg

BBQ Shop - Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

Serve Up Adventure with our range of Ceramic Grills & Accessories

Experience the versatility and flavor of kamado-style cooking with our variety of innovative premium ceramic and kettle grills.

North Barbeque Kamado Joe

BBQ Shop -
ProQ Smokers and BBQs


At ProQ, we are experts in BBQ, food and meat smoking, and the art of using smoke in cookery and food preservation. Our BBQs & smokers have earned an enviable reputation for quality, versatility and innovation – helping you to share the same enjoyment of BBQ, outdoor cooking and the love of food as we do.


BBQ Shop - British Made Wood & Charcoal

Sustainable British made Charcoal Kent and Cambridgeshire

  • Love Logs - Planet Friendly Firewood - available as beech splits for Open Fire Grills, Pizza Ovens and Charcoal in Apple and Mixed 6kgs bags from Paul and Heather and the team.

  • Stag Charcoal - available in 6kgs bags in Alder, Pear, Hornbeam and lots of special mixes from Matt Edmonds

  • Kent Charcoal - made locally to us available in 3 Kgs bags of mixed, oak, cherry, hornbeam or beech. 


BBQ Shop - Masterbuilt Grills and Smokers

Master It with our range of Grills and Smokers

Built on tradition, Masterbuilt® charcoal grills represent the very best of mastering the art of charcoal grilling in your own backyard. Innovations like the Gravity Series® Charcoal Grill + Smoker line build on that tradition to keep the mastery growing.

Masterbuilt Grill & Smoker

Outdoor Living

We supply and install Morvelle Bioclimatic Canopies, Fixed Canopies and Verandas

  • Morvelle is a British based brand and we are supported from their UK based factory in Guildford

  • The products include aluminium louvred roofs with remote controls and integrated lighting, verandas and glazing elements


Outdoor Living
RB73 Outdoor Stoves

No Terrace without a fire....

We have a passion for fire. Or well, outdoor fireplaces to be precise!

Creating a relaxed yet stylish outdoor ambiance for you to (re)connect is something we are happy to help you with.

Our team of professionals therefore designs, develops and produces fireplaces that offer exactly that feeling.

All handmade in the Netherlands for a 100% quality product sold here in our UK showroom...

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